Let's face it: Almost everybody can create a webpage these days. But we here at Creodax are only satisfied if all parts have been designed and tested with the necessary attention and knowledge, of course in line with the wishes and expectations of the customer. This way we are certain of the quality delivered and you can be assured of a professional website.

Website development

An important part of the success of a website or app is the user experience. But unfortuantly; the design and not the experience of the visitor has the highest priority. We help and advise companies with their online activities and build from scratch a website that fits the intended goal: making visitors customers, regardless.

Software development

At Creodax we design and develop high end Custom-made software. If standard software is not satisfying or you have come up with a revolutionary idea? Than you can count on our expertise, focus and advice at Creodax. Where a good solution for a competitive price is important. We are happy to tell you more about our services, our way of working and what we stand for.

Search engine optimalization

With SEO we ensure that your website scores as high as possible in Google and thus creates a larger reach for your company or website. Some simple actions such as improving or adding page titles, URLs or metadata can already have a major impact on your position in Google.

Social Media Marketing

Social media changes the way companies do business, communicate with (potential) customers and build a brand. This provides opportunities. Creodax takes this off your hands for your business. Your online appearance is professional, goal-oriented and meanwhile you can stay focussed on your core tasks!

Mobile applications

There are plenty of reasons why you should have a mobile app! Together with you we make a sketch and concept, inquire the needs and possibilities. With ith the aim of delivering a direct added value for your company or project. Creodax also improves your services and products by using mobile applications in an innovative way.